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We bring you the elegance of the kan and the delicious dining experience of The various high squirts that are faulty offer you the most delicious The akolt we make for you with love in the hands of the finest chefs. And the derby is very high, with the charming mountains. We experience with you a unique experience of a luxurious buffet glitch featuring The most famous of the most prominent high cultures to get It tastes great in the heart of the desert with a stylish hotel theme And organized, at various times of the day, we bring you meals. On a daily and fresh day

Enjoy a taste of fine dining dishes at Masr Yafour restaurant, where the charming atmosphere and the navel-watering And delicious tastes, here we invite you to an extraordinary experience. My mountains are our own way to feel the spirit of the kan. With every delicious bite we make with love, it brings you a special character and a totally different taste. In this special atmosphere